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About Sports & Olympic Committee of Macau, China
   2013/5/29 16:42:51

Macau Olympic Committee, the predecessor of Sports and Olympic Committee of Macau, China (C.O.D.M), established in 1987 December 22nd, with 47 affiliated Sports association, coordinate and communicate with Sports Association in theMacau community, which maintain their political & religious neutrality, yet not affiliated with any official body. C.O.D.M is committed in developing Macau sports professionals and athletes, to send teams to participate in various major international Sport events in the name of Macau China delegation team, in the effort to develop communication with International Sport organizations; connecting Macau with the world via Sports.

During the General Assembly of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in 1989 December, held in Bali, Indonesia, Macau Olympic Committee was officially announced as a member of Olympic Council of Asia. As the member of East Asian Game Association (EAGA), Macau has successfully voted as the Host city for the 4th East Asian Game, during 11th EAGA Council Meeting at Guam; Macau has organized the largest Sport delegation Team as the host in 2005.

After the establishment of “Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees” (ACOLOP) in 2005 June 8th, Macau Olympic Committee has won the bid to host the first Lusofunia Game in Macau, which further extended the endeavor of Macau’s policy, that is to bring harmony and close communication with Portuguese speaking country/region, through a common language and history; this has also initiated the hosting of major sport game periodically within the Portuguese speaking country /region.

In order to further promote Olympic in Asia, enabling more people in Asia to be get involve in more wholesome sports, the idea of hosting Asian Indoor Game was proposed by OCA in 2001, and was approved in Busan during the 21st General Assembly of OCA in October 3rd, 2002. Thereafter, in January 24th,2003 Macau has been approved by members of OCA during 22nd General Assembly of OCA, to be the host of the 2nd Asian Indoor Game in 2007, official endorsement was signed in August 20th in the same year, as Macau to be the host city.

C.O.D.M dedicated as the bridge and communication channel between Sport Association and government, striving to develop promote Olympic sports and spirit in Macau, encourage teenagers sport training, in order to represent Macaudelegation team to take part in Olympic activities. At the same time, coordinate with government to develop Olympic sports in Macau, build friendship across nations through sports, internationalise the Sports development of Macau.

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